Monday, September 1, 2014

happy birthday ed!

In honor of Ed's birthday today I wanted to dedicate a post to him.  My husband is the kind of person that gets teased a lot and generally takes it with a smile.  The teasing is always good-natured and I will admit that I partake in teasing him from time to time.  The thing is, Ed has a lot of quirks that make it easy to tease him.  Also the fact that he takes it in stride and doesn't get upset about it makes it fun for all.  But this post isn't meant to tease him.  I'm going to talk about his amazing qualities and not his quirks and foibles.

While I was pregnant Ed was very supportive and good about humoring me or helping me or whatever was called for.  The times I went to the ER and got admitted into the hospital for dehydration and vomiting were tough on both of us and I acknowledge that.  But since having Ted I've seen his true good nature shine.  He is great with the baby and helps out with everything from diapers to feeding to burping to comforting a crying baby.  He is a true partner in this uncertain adventure we've embarked on - parenthood.

Ed is almost always positive.  The rare times he gets down (and we're all entitled to them), throw me sometimes and I try to be supportive to him as he is to me when I'm down.  The truth is, I think he's more empathetic/sympathetic than I am.  He's great about trying to get me to talk to him if I seem blue for whatever reason.  It's getting easier for me to tell him.  (My usual M.O. is to keep everything inside until I start randomly crying hysterically for a seemingly small reason, but really it's about much more that I just can't articulate).  Ed is a good Christian with a strong moral fiber and sense of right and wrong.

In truth I couldn't have married a better person nor picked a better person to be the father of my children.  This is not to say that everything in our lives is perfect, but it's the sum of all the good and bad, funny and not so funny, trying and easy, that make our life together interesting.

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