Saturday, September 6, 2014

rotten mood rant

Rotten mood!  I can't explain it except that Ted wanted to party at midnight last night and it took me an hour and a half to get him to go to sleep.  Then I couldn't fall asleep until I took half an Ambien, then I was groggy for the five o'clock feeding so Ed did it.  Then he decided to super-groom himself at 7 in the morning including, but not limited to- buzz head, shave face and neck, shower, etc. in the master bathroom.  Never mind that the fan was on high and the door was closed, I could hear everything and didn't go back to sleep until 8:30.  For an additional hour, which on top of my four and a half, isn't sufficient for me to be in a good mood!

My parents and sister are coming today and I'm excited about it and hope I can shake this rotten mood!  Rant over.

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