Tuesday, September 16, 2014

ted's 30 day performance review

I recently conducted Teddy's 30 day performance review.  Overall he did very well.  I wanted to share some of his accomplishments with you.

EATING:  Exceeds Expectations
     From the first day Ted was a great eater.  He's worked his way up to 4 oz at a go and lasts about 3-4 hours between feedings.  If I had one criticism, it would be those cluster feedings - eating 2 oz every hour and a half just won't cut it.

SLEEPING:  Meets Expectations
     Aside from a few nights of 6-7 hours of sleep at a stretch, Ted has still needed one middle of the night feeding.  This is to be expected and he certainly shows that he has what it takes to eventually sleep through the night.

EXCRETORY:  Exceeds Expectations
     Ted can fill a diaper, while eating.  Not many of us can say that.  (Although, frankly, not many of us wear diapers).  He also manages to do it up to seven times a day!  That's certainly an achievement we can appreciate.

BURPING:  Meets Expectations
     While he can occasionally let out a belch that would make a grown man proud, it's not a regular enough occurrence to warrant an "Exceeds Expectations."

ATTITUDE:  Below Expectations
     The hour a day that awake Ted is content is great.  However, a large portion of the evening is spent in tears, for no discernible reason.   Now if we can stretch the happy time two or even three hours of happiness a day and decrease the crying time to under an hour, then we will be where we need to be.

MILESTONES:  Exceeds Expectations
     Ted has achieved awake smiles, first to Pooh Bear and then to me.  As I wasn't expecting this until at least 6 weeks, he exceeds expectations in this category.  He can also lift his head for up to twenty seconds at a time and turn it from side to side.

OVERALL:  Exceeds Expectations
     Ted is an excellent baby.  His cuteness is unparalleled, despite the cradle cap and baby acne.  He sleeps incredibly well at night and only wakes up to eat, which is appreciated by all of us.  He's gained almost three pounds in five weeks and over two inches in length.  Overall he has exceeded our expectations.

     Increase feeding amounts to 5 oz at a time with a minimum time between feedings of 5 hours.  Increase sleeping time to 7 hours nightly.  Decrease number two diapers to under 3 per day.  Master head control and increase neck strength.  Roll over.  Sit up unassisted.

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