Thursday, February 11, 2016

today was a good day... sorta

I filed our taxes last night and I thank the good Lord, we're getting more back than we ever have before.  Between my and Oliver's medical expenses and all the various deductions, we did very well.  Now we can chip away at that stupid debt that built up!

To celebrate we took a mini-shopping spree to Target.  One of Ed's coworkers had given us money to buy gifts for Teddy and Oliver.  I also have been eyeing a curling wand for a while and I had a few groceries to get also.  After lunch with Ed, we took off to Target, me pushing poor Oliver way past his eating time frame.  I had an emergency bottle, but he was so good I didn't use it.

The trip was mostly pleasant except for having to wrangle Teddy.  For some reason Target shopping carts are not made for Ted.  No matter how tight I belt him, he can twist around, get on his knees, grab stuff from the cart and chuck it on the floor.  He grabbed the Playtex straw cups I had in there and began trying to drink through the packaging.  Crazy kid.

I also treated myself to a flat white at Starbucks, mostly because I had no idea what it was.  The lady in front of me ordered it and I asked her what it was and she replied, "I'm getting ready to find out!"  Curious about it myself, and after the barista explained what it was, I ordered one as well, with a shot of toffee nut flavoring.  It was pretty delicious; it wasn't too sweet and wasn't at all bitter.

Once home I put them to sleep (after feeding poor Ollie), took a shower, dried my hair and played with my new curling wand.  I need a little practice, but I think it's going to work out!  And I only burned myself once.  That sucker gets HOT!

I made chicken soup with homemade noodles and invited Ed's brother for dinner... and I overflowed the stupid pot and lost like a quarter of the broth.  Darnit.

Despite all this, I consider today a success.