Sunday, April 27, 2014

another lame catch up: 26 weeks, weight loss and Williamsburg

I'm not feeling very inspired to write lately, so I guess I will periodically update my blog with what is going on currently.  I am officially 26 weeks, which is pretty cool.  I have a fairly discernible bump under my maternity shirts which is also nice.  (Under scrubs and baggy shirts it just looks like I moved weight from my face and arms to my stomach) - oh, another side effect of vomiting all the time (a positive one) is that I lost twenty or so pounds.  It's hard to say exactly how much I lost since there's probably five pounds of uterus, fluid and baby added to my midsection.  It would be cool if I either stayed here or lost a teeny bit more before the baby is born, but that might be asking too much...  I'll probably end up breaking even, which wouldn't be the end of the world and as long as Ted's growing the way he should, my doctor is totally fine with weight loss.

At 26 weeks, according to my research, the baby has a 80-90% chance of survival if he was born now (with extreme medical intervention and a possibility of other issues that fully cooked babies wouldn't likely face).  I wouldn't want Teddy to be born now, but it's nice to know he's got a fighting chance!

This weekend Ed and I are going to Williamsburg, Virginia as a sort of "babymoon."  The books and forums say to take this vacation or mini-break before the baby comes and who are we to argue?  We'll visit Colonial Williamsburg and the Jamestown Settlement and we plan to look for a super old church to attend on Sunday then we'll head home on Monday.  I'm pretty excited about this - I've been once when I was about eight and Ed's never been at all.  I may as well have never been since all I remember about it are the glass blowers.  Historical vacations are lost on anyone under 18 (maybe lost on some people altogether).

That's pretty much what's going on right now...  I could tell you about the nine million baby outfits I got from the Pikes or the enormous amount of bird poop I sprayed off the bird cage this weekend, but do you guys really care?  I didn't think so...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

catching up: goodbye sweet kitty, hernias, and more...

Our sweet Maddie cat was hit by a car a little over a week ago.  She was such a sweet, cuddly kitty who lived a very short but hopefully full life.  We miss her very much.  She was hit around 10 or 11 on a Saturday night and a man who knows the family found her, moved her to the side of the road so she wouldn't keep getting run over and took her collar so he could call us in the morning.  We buried her in the woods and I would like to plant something over her soon, in remembrance.  I knew it was a possibility that having and outdoor cat could result in this, but I honestly didn't think it would happen so soon.  We'll miss you sweet kitty.

In other news, it appears that I may have a hiatal hernia which is causing all of my nausea and vomiting over the past few weeks/months.  I was admitted to the hospital over the weekend for dehydration and vomiting and have a referral to a gastroenterologist for tomorrow.  I don't know what kind of confirmation tests they can do on me in my pregnant state, but we'll just have to see.
Teddy keeps wiggling, kicking and moving every day.  He's quite active.  He's the size of a cantaloupe and rapidly approaching a cauliflower!  I have an ultrasound scheduled for May 5th for a growth check.  I don't know what he's thought of all the vomiting I've done, especially over the past week, but I can only hope that being squeezed by my abdominal muscles repeatedly feels much like being hugged.  If so, he must feel very loved.