Sunday, March 1, 2015

I can't believe we have a 6 month old!

Actually since this post is late, we have an almost seven month old.  I can't believe it's been almost seven months since Teddy was born.  It's been a busy, emotional, rewarding and crazy almost seven months.

Teddy has, in the past two weeks, started crawling, which makes for a whole new set of worries and concerns.  Childproofing has commenced, and right now mostly consists of me following him, either with my eyes or literally, everywhere he crawls to make sure he's not going to pull something dangerous on him, or chew something electric or stick fingers into things.  The only thing we've got set up so far are the outlet safety plugs in the rooms he goes in.  We need to pad the brick wall somehow, or at least the corners of it.  I'd like to strap the TV to the wall since it's tall and narrow and possibly easy to pull over.

He's trying to sit up but is still a little wobbly.  I feel like he's going to be trying to pull up fairly soon. Well actually, he's trying now, but he's not successful!  He's really funny when I try to get him to sit - he locks his hips and tries to remain standing.  I hope once he learns to stand on his own and subsequently falls down, he learns to bend at the hips, otherwise he'll fall like a tree and it won't feel good!