Sunday, August 24, 2014

the don'ts and don'ts of curing baby hiccups

Baby hiccups are a plague to both babies and parents.  They are adult sized hiccups that wrack their tiny little bodies for minutes at a time.  They keep babies and parents awake with their noisy squeaks.  Here are some don'ts to consider when trying to cure your baby's hiccups.

1.)  Don't leave your baby in a hallway and then jump out of a random door trying to scare your baby.  It's not a good idea.

2.)  Don't make your baby drink from bottle or breast upside down.  This will likely cause any and everything your baby ingests to come out his or her nose.

3.)  Don't put a packet of sugar under your baby's tongue.  Even if it does work to cure the hiccups, your baby would probably be awake for days after ingesting all that sugar.  It's not worth it.

4.)  Don't try to make your baby hold his or her breath.  This would likely confuse the baby and make them think you're trying to kill them.  You'll lose all the trust you've built up with your baby over the previous weeks or months.

5.)  Don't make your baby breathe into a paper bag.  This would also likely confuse the baby.

The best thing to do when your baby has the hiccups is to hold them, rub their back and wait them out.  They'll stop soon.

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