Tuesday, March 4, 2014

don't lose your head

With the big anatomy scan ultrasound looming tomorrow, I've suddenly developed a whole set of worries that weren't there yesterday.  I've listened to the baby's heartbeat every. single. day.  I've felt the flips.  I've even felt a few kicks.  I saw a picture of him or her six short weeks ago and all appendages were accounted for.  And yet, tomorrow, I have this fear that the doctor or ultrasound tech will turn to me and say something like, "I'm sorry ma'am, your baby seems to have lost his head."  And I'll be like, "What, you mean figuratively or literally?" and she'll be like, "Literally.  He doesn't have a head."  And I'll be like, "What do you mean he doesn't have a head?"  and she'll be like, "It's just not there."   And I'll be like... well you get the picture.

I am beyond excited about finding out the sex and you guys will be like the 10th to know after we tell all our family.  Which should happen within about six minutes of the ultrasound.  I can't wait to start thinking about the baby with the correct pronouns and possibly even a name.  I can't be sure of the girl name; it's quite possible I won't finalize that until the birth day.  If it's a boy, however, Ed seems quite stuck on Edward Franklin Mearns, Jr. called  Ted or Teddy.  I'm alright with this but not-so-secretly wish that we would be able to choose the boy name as well as the girl name.  But this also gives me exclusive naming rights should we have a girl, so...  potato potahhto.  I'm not naming her potahhto.

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