Wednesday, March 5, 2014

baby has a head!

Ok.  So we couldn't find out the sex of the baby.  No big.  Just kidding.  I'm the single most impatient person I know and I couldn't be more frustrated about this!  I blame Ed because he was born breech and there is no data that suggests breech born fathers do not beget breech babies.  (Of course there's no data supporting that they do, but I digress).   Baby had its silly little hand covering the crucial bits needed to be viewed in order to know if it's a male or female.  Silly baby...
baby has a head!

In two weeks I'll go back to my doctor and have another scan.  Not just because we didn't get to see the sex but also because she couldn't get good enough pictures of the heart.  BUT.  Evidently I can get a free scan at Wake Forest next week if there are appointments available, because there is an ultrasound program at the school.  It would be a student performing the scan, but how much damage could a kid with an ultrasound wand do?
now that's a face only a mother could love!
little hand much like the one covering the crucial bits

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