Monday, March 24, 2014

it's not hard to confuse a stomach bug with pregnancy

On Wednesday I felt just plain awful.  I thought it was the normal pregnancy nausea and that was that.  When I got home from work, however, I threw up and thought, "Oh well.  It happens."  I didn't feel better after that.  In fact, I was quite miserable.  I tried eating some crackers and ginger ale.  Threw that up.  Tried eating something else.  Threw that up.  I called the after hours nurse at my clinic and got a prescription for Zofran, picked it up, took it.  Then I got confident and ate some chicken noodle soup and grapes.  For those who are unaware, grapes are not fun coming back up and the noodles are disconcerting little worms.  Three more times I threw up.  The after hours nurse said to call back if the vomiting did not stop, so I did and was told to come in.  Apparently babies do not handle changes in blood sugar very well and since I could not eat, there was a chance my blood sugar was too low.  I checked it before we left and it was 76, which while low, is about what my fasting glucose is normally.  I don't know if the baby got the message about me being sick, though, because he thought it was party time.  Middle of the night and we're up and about and he's dancing like "Saturday Night Fever" in there.  Not cool for a nauseous tummy.  We went to maternity admissions at Women's Hospital in Greensboro.  They checked my urine for ketones and such which would indicate a super low blood sugar.  Then we waited about three hours.  I was charged with eating some crackers and having a drink to see if I kept it down.  I did.  We went home.  I felt pretty queasy the rest of Thursday and ate mostly rice or soup.  Friday I didn't eat much until dinner time.  The Zofran helped the nausea, but we won't talk about it's major side effect.  Just trust me on this and if you have to take it for any period of time, up your fiber intake if at all possible!


  1. Geez Jen, you've had it rough girl. I'm going to need to have a talk with that little man when he's born!

    1. tough pregnancy = perfect baby, right? right?