Wednesday, March 5, 2014

my little ponies

There's probably no one who reads this that isn't my friend on Facebook but this was an interesting conversation that we had about dolls versus other toys and action figures.

Ed: Plus you can't fight Barbies. 
Jen: We didn't really fight Barbies.
Ed: You can fight My Little Ponies.
Jen: My Little Ponies are peaceful, Quaker-type animals. They don't fight.
Ed: The ponies lived in a castle. Castles require wealth. Where ever there is a differential of wealth, there's fighting.

Apparently My Little Ponies had a much more complicated dynamic than I was aware.  My ponies just played in the bathtub!  I didn't really like Barbies that much.  I was more into Pound Puppies, MLP and my stuffed animals.  Stef had a cool Barbie condo though, which made Barbie a little more interesting to me!

I wonder what my kid will play with...

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