Friday, May 30, 2014

i spoke too soon...

Apparently the "bestmester" might not exist after all.  No.  I refuse to believe that.  This will be the bestmester, I just had a little setback.  It could happen to anyone.  On Wednesday after work I started having severe cramping that wrapped around my back and I got a little worried.  I drank a glass of water, rested in my bed and after about an hour I called my doctor.  She thought I needed to be seen and, bless her, said she would wait for me after hours at the clinic so I didn't have to go to the hospital.  (Again.)  (Of course this may have been a result of the fact that she is usually so far behind in seeing patients that she doesn't leave the clinic for two hours after her last scheduled appointment.  But it was still kind of her). 

Dr. Fogleman checked my urine (positive for ketones indicating dehydration) and ran a fetal fibronectin (negative, meaning I should not have a baby within the next two weeks).  She checked my cervix for dilation (none, long and closed) and actually could feel the baby's head, which was pretty cool.  She thought that the cramping/contractions were caused by the dehydration and it should subside if I could get some water.  Yay!

So.  Back home I fixed a big glass of ice water and took a warm bath to help with the pain.  I didn't think I drank too fast, but the next thing I knew I was throwing up.  This was uncool because how would I ever get rehydrated if I kept throwing up?  Well, I couldn't and the vomiting didn't stop.  So can you guess what happened next?  Yep.  Back to Women's at midnight for some fluids and this time I was severely dehydrated so they admitted me again and I got two bags of fluid, some lovely Phenergan that made me sleepy and continued throwing up for 24 hours.  I consider Phenergan something in the Valium category because it never helps with the nausea I feel, but makes me very sleepy.  I was there until about 1pm on Thursday and didn't feel much better when they discharged me.  I did not want to leave but the doctor who saw me said that I wouldn't feel perfect and I should go home and sip fluids and try to eat small amounts of food. 

Back home again and I still felt horrible.  I took many baths because they are somehow soothing and comforting and I kept getting back in when I started to feel bad.  I took Reglan about 6:30, took another bath and magically at 7 I started feeling better.  I drank a Boost (the only "food" I'd had since 12:30 the day before) and felt so much better.

Today I'm weak and sore and very tired, but not nauseous.  Thank the Lord.  Sorry for the long, boring post, but you could have stopped reading at any time!

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  1. Jen!! My gosh girl! This little boy is just putting you through heck. I am so sorry, I'm sure you not only feel terrible, but are worrying the whole time too. I'm thinking about you girlie :)