Sunday, June 8, 2014

32 weeks and counting down

I have at most, eight weeks left!  (I say at most confidently, because my ob says that she doesn't let gestational diabetes patients go over 40 weeks).  I'm feeling pretty good except for some heartburn that feels like my stomach is trying to carve a hole in my chest and exit through my sternum.  I also have some sciatic nerve pain that makes walking a challenge (more so than usual - I'm kind of clutzy anway).  But I'm not going to go on about how good I feel because I'm afraid that will trigger an episode and I swear I am not going back to the hospital unless it's to remove this baby!  (By force, if necessary).  Ted's doing pretty well as far as I can tell.  At 28 weeks he was right on schedule size-wise, so I hope he's still growing properly.  He moves a lot.  In fact today I was thinking that he'd been kind of quiet (we were in church, so I guess he's practicing) until Chris the pastor yelled suddenly and Ted started flailing around like he was startled.  It was pretty funny, actually.

I have been spared (if you can use that word) a worry-free pregnancy by all that came before this pregnancy as well as hearing about the trials of friends' reproductive experiences.  I can say that I am less worried than I was in the first and second trimester, but it definitely hasn't gone away.  I also can't relax completely and be 100% thrilled for my friends and acquaintances announcing their pregnancies.  A friend recently announced they were expecting and I was so excited for them, but there's always a voice at the back of my mind going, "I hope everything goes well.  I hope they don't have any problems."  I wish that I could be worry-free about my and others' pregnancies, but that isn't my reality.  If I am blessed with a second (or fifth if you're counting) pregnancy after Teddy, I know I will fret much of the time, and I guess that will be ok.  It will have to be.

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