Tuesday, May 13, 2014

So baby!

You can see his widow's peak like Eddie!
What?  That's a real baby!  I couldn't believe the quality of the pictures (especially the top one).  He's so baby.  So baby.  Everything went really well at the doctor today.  Ted's right on track size-wise and there is the right amount of fluid and whatnot in there.  Apparently if his belly was really big and his head small, that would be a sign of poorly managed diabetes, but his measurements are totally great.  The doctor was really happy with my progress (another five pounds down), and Ted's progress.  She says that aside from the stupid things I've been facing (hiatal hernia, gestational beetus, shingles) I've had a really healthy pregnancy.

I'll be heading to the doctor every two weeks from here on out since I am in the third trimester.  I told my doctor that I'm hoping the third trimester will be the best-mester.  Full term is only nine weeks away and knowing that it will be scorching hot in mid-late July, let us all hope that I go early!  Otherwise, you won't see me outside.

I still can't get over those pictures!  I might frame the top one.  Although it does look like there is an adult-sized ghost hand under his chin in the top picture... weird.


  1. Yaaaaaay! My little nephew is a real baby! Jen I'm so happy for you, Ed and baby Ted!! He's already a little ham!!

  2. I think he might be singing... I sing to him all the time anyway!