Monday, August 4, 2014

ok I'm 40 weeks... where is he?

This is how the past month or so has gone for me:

Week 36: Doc says, "If he comes now, that'll be fine!" I think, Yeah, but 37 weeks is term and mom's at the beach.  Better to wait.

Week 37: Ok, he can totally come now.  I'm fine with that!  Besides I'm having all these contractions, they should be doing something.

Week 38:  Hmm.  Ok, another week to cook, that's fine.  But seriously, any time now would be good!
Week 39:  This week for sure.  Doc says she thinks I should go before the due date anyway.  He'll be here soon!  

Week 40:  Overdue!  I'm going to start charging rent.  Get out, get out, get out! 

At least I know it'll be this week for sure...

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