Monday, August 18, 2014

week 1.5

1.) sleep smiles are the best
This is the first day that Ed has gone back to work.  He wasn't looking forward to it and neither was I.  I was very nervous about staying home with Ted alone.  We're lucky he's so good right now.  He's hardly ever fussy and sleeps a ton.  I know this can't last forever, but I'm going to enjoy it while it does!

2.) look at those feet!
I'm scared to take him out by myself.  Ed and I took him to Target last week and he got a little fussy in the store, but we'd come prepared with a bottle and were able to quiet him.  He mostly just slept in his car seat and showed off his monkey toes.  (see pic 2, right)

We've been sharing the night duties pretty well, but now that Ed has gone back to work, I feel like I need to do more (or all of them), at least some nights so he can sleep.  So far I feel pretty well rested since we've been sharing.  Obviously not as well as if I was getting eight straight uninterrupted hours, but I've been able to piece together between five and seven hours a night (and part of the morning. Possibly also the afternoon).  We're incredibly lucky he's not a cat napper and most often sleeps for large chunks of time.

3.) neither one looks all that happy about this
 Bailey is still adjusting.  She vacillates between being completely indifferent to the baby, to being super interested.  She'll walk by the rock n' play and peek in to see if he's in there and sometimes lies with her head on the rocker portion of it.  Sunny just lies down wherever Sunny wants, never mind where Ted is.  I can't even talk about Poppy bird.  With all the stress of our new addition, her squawking is driving me crazy.  I can feel it in my teeth.  She spends most of her time outside or in the spare room, which I do feel bad about.

All in all the first week and a half has gone pretty well.  I'm not as stressed and freaked out as I thought I would be, plus I'm getting more sleep than I thought I would (which was none.  I thought I'd get none).
4.) rare awake time in the rock n' play

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  1. I love sleep smiles! He's so precious! Yay for not being too freaked out and getting some sleep.