Saturday, June 27, 2015

all rights for all

I am so sick of people who are against same sex marriage or homosexuality using the argument that it's a slippery slope to pedophilia, incest or bestiality.  It's not a slippery slope.  It's not even a slope!  It's on a whole other mountain altogether!  Seriously, people.  

Minnesota Vikings player, Josh Robinson used this argument on Twitter:

     "Love is love? So what will we say when the 30yr old loves YOUR 10 year old. When the dad loves HIS 6 year old?? It's different?? Yea okay!" 

This argument is so ridiculous, I can't even. I just can't.

As a society I believe we will NEVER condone such things as pedophilia, incest or bestiality.  Just because we believe in equal rights, doesn't stretch it this far.  I believe in a God of love and am disappointed in many of my friends on my newsfeed, but uplifted by so many others.  Thankfully, there are more of the latter.  

I want my kids to grow up to love all people; for them to be tolerant of all people regardless of race, sexual orientation, religious preferences, etc.  

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