Saturday, January 9, 2016

Three months of Ollie

Oliver's Progress Report:  3 Months

Oliver is such a sweet baby.  He really doesn't cry unless he's hungry.  He might get a little fussy when he's tired, but other than that he is so sweet.  He's been sleeping through the night for a while now.  He will go seven to nine hour stretches then wake up to eat and often go right back to sleep for a while.  We're about to transition him to his crib, so that might be interesting!  Right now he's crammed into the spare room in the rock n' play, but little by little I've cleaned it out so we can put a crib up.  We moved the glider into his room, so that's nice for feeding and soothing.

Ollie doesn't have complete control of his big head yet, but it's getting better!  Soon he'll be sitting up in the bumbo and watching his crazy brother!

Speaking of his crazy brother, Teddy is SO helpful.  He brings me pacifiers and smacks his lips to tell me what you're supposed to do with it, sometimes trying to stick it in the baby's mouth.  Two nights ago he grabbed the bottle off of the table, and instead of trying to drink it like normal, he was caught shoving it in Oliver's face, while Ollie seemed a little nonplussed.  Last night Ed called out, "Teddy's sitting on the baby!" and I ran into the room and Teddy was indeed sitting on Oliver who was propped in the boppy.  The funny thing was, Oliver didn't seem to care about this at all.  During a diaper change, Teddy poked at Oliver's diaper and said, "Pee pee!"  So helpful!
He really hated the Santa hat...

Teddy being SO helpful!

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