Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Goodbye sweet Bailey

We spent a little over a week taking care of Bailey because of her coonhound paralysis.  For a few days she seemed to be getting better, sitting up on her elbows and pulling herself out of the bed.  Then it seemed she got weaker and she wouldn't eat very well, nor drink.  On Saturday night I spoon fed her canned food and then squirted water in her mouth from a squirt bottle.

We went to bed and when Ed got up at 4am to feed Oliver, he noticed Bailey's bed was wet.  After he put Oliver back down, he went to clean Bailey up and noticed she wasn't moving at all.  She had passed, not that long ago because she was still warm.  He came to get me and told me he thought she was dead.  We went out and I sat down with her and petted her.

It doesn't seem like she should be gone.  I feel like when we get home, she will be there waiting to greet us.  She was such a sweet dog and so patient with Teddy.  All she ever wanted in life was attention.  As long as someone was touching her, she was good.

We love you Bailey and we miss you so much!

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