Friday, October 2, 2015


At 4:30 am on September 28th, the nurse came into my hospital room and told me they were going to take Oliver to the NICU.  Having learned my lesson with Teddy, I'd requested Ambien for my nights in the hospital and was completely befuddled as to why this nurse was waking me up and taking my baby.  It didn't really hit me until later that he was gone.

I was told a couple of times that if they could get his glucose up then he could come back down, but that turned out not to be the case.  I honestly had no idea that they would keep him for five days.  We went to visit him a lot while I was still in the hospital.  It was sad to see him all hooked up with wires and an IV.  I knew that when he got into the NICU his glucose was only 19; it was very serious.

After I was discharged I went each morning and night to spend time with him, but I really longed to be able to take him home and hold him without wires and tubes.  I didn't understand how it could take so long to wean him off the IV and get him down to regular formula.  I knew he was getting great care because the nurses couldn't get enough of him.  They don't often get near-term babies that are able to be held at any time.

Finally this morning we were able to take him home.  We went to pick him up and brought him back to meet big brother (who was more interested than I would have thought).  Teddy looked at him for at least two minutes before resuming play time!  Now the fun begins!

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