Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Teddy's birthday party!

Teddy's party was a rousing success!  We only had family in attendance but that was still 16 people!  I didn't fully realize the amount of work involved for the party, however.  The food alone was too much!  We had veggie trays, fruit plates and cheese and crackers, not to mention hot dogs and chicken on the grill and accompanying sides.  The theme was Winnie the Pooh and we'd made a few decorations, including a Mr. Sanders sign, a 100 Aker Wood sign and honeycomb snack mix in a "honey pot."

Dorian and Tim were lifesavers with the tables and chairs.  Dorian even brought balloons (which I had seriously not even thought of) and table decorations.  Everything looked awesome! Laurie made the Pooh cake which looked super cute and tasted great.

Teddy was free outside on the driveway for the first time (with 16 people watching his every move).  I was nervous about him walking around on the concrete but he did great!  He called out, "BALL!" at all the balloons and tried to grab them.  We didn't want his razor nails to pop them and give him a heart attack though!  He played with Uncle Chris in the yard and waved sticks around (very fun stuff for a one year old).

He cared not at all about the presents, though I thought he'd at least enjoy tearing the paper!  (He's since played with everything).  The cake smashing was hilarious.  He didn't really know what to do with it at first and acted like he didn't like the icing on his hands.  He eventually got into it however and the event culminated in a birthday bath.

I know he won't remember this at all, but I will have pictures forever and I know he had a good time!

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