Thursday, August 6, 2015

Happy Birthday Teddy! (and some updates)

I haven't written very much about this pregnancy, probably partly because I'm busy with Teddy and partly because this blog seemed so much about him anyway.  Since I don't plan to start another blog when Oliver is born, I'd better get to making it about him too.  We also have a big milestone for the bear, which I'll get to.

So far the pregnancy has pretty much mirrored Teddy's.  I still have gestational diabetes and I still have random and violent vomiting/nausea episodes.  The only difference is that I've not had to go to the hospital.  I still feel just as bad, but it's a lot more difficult to just up and go to the ER with a baby.  I have it set up through my OB that I can go get fluids and IV Zofran if I need it at an urgent care, so that's always there.  So far though I've just toughed it out.  I should say, we've toughed it out because it's rough on everyone.  If Ed is off he has to take care of Teddy and me, and if he's not Teddy goes to grandma's.  There have been no weird shingles or anything like that, though I do have an abscess on my abdomen that came from an infected boil.  That's fun.  Don't think I can blame that on pregnancy though.

Oliver moves and kicks just as heartily as Teddy ever did.  He's very active.  I had an ultrasound yesterday and they said he weighs around 3 lbs and everything looks good.  We're 29 weeks so only 11 more to go!

Teddy is one year old today!  I can't believe it's been a year already!  It's really flown by.  He's such a good baby overall.  Of course he has his moments, where his temper emerges, but for the most part he is pretty delightful.  He's been walking for about a month and he's getting better.  He's taken a few tumbles and knocks to the head, but who hasn't?

He's been talking a little too.  He says, "Bah" for bottle and "Bao" for ball.  He uses "tiggy tiggy" as cat or dog (possibly any animal).  He also says "baby" which is perhaps his clearest word.

We're having a family birthday party on Saturday.  He (or I, really) likes Winnie the Pooh, so that's the theme.  I figure he won't remember it, but I'll always have pictures to look back on. (If I can find my camera!)

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