Thursday, October 30, 2014

hi ho, hi ho it's back to ... ah whatever.

I'm heading back to work on Monday and I have extremely mixed feelings about it.  On one hand I know Ted is in great hands and won't be going to day care to bring Spanish flu, Ebola, TB or hand/foot/mouth back to our family.  On the other hand I'm going to miss a lot of his life by being at work.  The hard part is knowing that I have a 33% chance of missing his new "firsts." (If they happen Monday - Friday).  He will be rolling over, sitting up, crawling and I might not be there to see it.

However, my pregnancy was expensive, not to mention labor and delivery and Ted's bills.  I'll be paying those off for a little while and it wouldn't be possible to do it on one salary.  Health insurance is also a HUGE factor because Ed's work does not provide affordable health insurance (seriously?  $1,000/mo? For shame.)

Although, maybe when I go back to work I'll stop looking at ridiculous things on the internet while Teddy's sleeping.  Like that Ukrainian Barbie doll who lives on light and air.  I found myself scrolling through picture after picture of her and her creepy family and realized that I needed to find much more enriching things to read off the internet.  Like satirical parenting blogs - those are my favorite.

I'm going to buy a lottery scratch off and if I win a lot of money I'm definitely not going back to work!  (Although I might be a nice employee and go back for my two weeks notice.)  I think of it as being my sign that I shouldn't go back.  Ed thinks I'm insane.

who wouldn't want to stay with this guy?

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