Thursday, October 31, 2013

who are we?

It occurred to me that perhaps I should introduce myself, since you already know the functionality of my thyroid gland and pancreas.  My name is Jen and as I've previously stated, I work in a microbiology laboratory in a busy hospital.  And before you say anything, bacteria is cool and you know it.

My face looks like this:

See the glasses?  It means I'm smart.  Just kidding.  The glasses mean I can see things that are far away.  I like to read and write.  My favorite show is and possibly always will be, Friends.  I'm married to a guy named Eddie who also wears glasses to see things that are far away.

His face looks like this:

He doesn't have his glasses on in this picture, probably because he has his contacts in.  Or possibly he just can't see the things that are far away right now.  Neither can I.  Eddie has a degree in history from UNC, where I also attended college.  His favorite show is not Friends.  He likes basketball in any variety, but most especially in the form of the New York Knicks and UNC Tarheels.

We just recently bought a house in Greensboro, North Carolina.  It looks like this:

I love having a house.  It's great to be able to let the dog out without a leash and not worry about cars, people and other dogs like at an apartment.  Being able to plant flowers and herbs and tomato plants that never, ever actually give us tomatoes is awesome.  There is a nifty planter behind those bushes in which I planted impatiens and caladium.  Ed pulled the bushes out of the ground so we can actually see the planter now.

Bailey is our five year old goldendoodle.  She ate two entire loaves of bread last week because, although she is a known counter surfer, Eddie consistently forgets to put the bread on top of or inside of the refrigerator.

Here she is spying on the neighbors at our old apartment.  She's very nosy.

Sundrop is an eleven year old cat... His hobbies include sleeping, eating and occasionally accosting Bailey and biting her in the jugular.

They are avidly watching me eat a snack in this photo.  They don't know it, but they won't get any.

Maddie is our newest addition.  She is a six month old kitten who enjoys stealing my hair rubber bands and pooping in the bathtub.  She's a brat.

This is her in her king-sized bed.  It's also Bailey's regular sized bed.

Our feathered family member is Poppy, a ten month old Quaker parrot.  She is a very sweet bird and says things like, "Pretty bird!", "Hi!", and "Hello!"  Sometimes she shouts, "Doin?!" which is the end of the phrase, "Whatchu doing?" that I have been trying to teach her.  She's also an experienced whistler, much better at it than I am.

It gets a little crowded in here now that we have four animals.

So that's us!  We're messy, loud (at least the bird is), fun, fun-loving and mostly, happy.


  1. LOVE THIS!!! I was laughing so hard I was crying...I love the way you write! :))